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sveinj, Jun 29, 12 11:07 AM.

From the day Sage posted hes goodbye, we have been fed with lies from him.
No eplanations, he just left us in chaos, and we have done our best to clean that up. Get things going, kep life in the guild he left to die.

He told us he deleted chars and left us. He said he couldnt keep playing.
Just keep that in mind, lies rarely comes alone.

Now he is back. On the so called deleted chars, still without explanations.
He badtalks us, he accuses Swemage for one ridicilus thing after the other.
We have  done nothing but helping him, nothing but our best. We tried to change this guild from a diktatur to a democrasy.
I used to think highly of Sage, now that have changed so badly.
I warn you all about the ways he manipulates you. As a student to be phycologist he is good with choosing his work and swap you areound his fingers just as he wants. I wish you all could have spent some time in Staffchat and see hes real side. Especially you Syn.

Myself, I am leaving this guild due to Sage, for I cant trust him, sad but true.
Loved beeing here, enjoyed the company of all my guildmates.
It makes me sad I cant stay. I wish you all the best, ingame and IRL!
I do feel sorry for you all that you have been the target of so many lies from you so called guild leader, Sagelucis, and it makes me even more sad to see that this will continue for you since he is now back, and serving you his fine words and stories.
You all deserve better.

Many of you I will miss dearly. Atleast one is a bad memory I will now work my best to get rid of.

Honest regards
Mumbla & Swemage


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